quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

About Me

I'm a developer in: Visual Basic, Java, Php, MySQL, MS Access, Excel, Asp, Visual C, QBasic, Ruby On Rails, ActionScript, Flash, CSS, HTML, Javascript. Webmaster, not web designer.



Application that use GPS, Internet Connection, Web format JSON, MVC (Model, View, Controller) in ruby on rails. Image handling, advanced android layouts using images, tabs, images, google maps, custom Views.


Minefield game using high logical programming, Dinamic Array/Draw, handling time, storage data records, sound, images, all game using a customized drawing.
Translator, using simple text file data.


Background running program utility for windows/linux. Using HTTP images, http communications, http text parser, xml file parser. File/Folder handling.

Visual Basic 6

In this language, I have done the most applications in various areas such as:
Internet communications with socket by HTTP Requests, Ftp, SMTP and custom communications IP to IP
Image Editor
Full text macros, automation.
Audio Player, Video Player.
Browser Handling (Internet Explorer)
Custom Objects, DLL, OCX
Fiscal printers communications by COM port
TEF (transferência eletrônica de fundos)
File Handling
MySQL script client
MySQL user administrator client.
A lot of things...


Minefield programa, single proccess thread, so dificult.

Ruby On Rails

Full site development, including e-mail, image features.


Dinamic flash animation.


Simple animations of text, dinamic content, images, sounds.

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